I have no idea when was the last time that I started this blog. Or for that matter the last time I was able to put my thoughts together. God!!! So much have changed. When I initially started I was, I think, newly wed. Now Alhumdulilah, I got 2 daughters😊😊 A good career. But along the way I lost my mom. I have completely given up my reading habit. I am addicted to games 😢😢😢😠😠😠😠 my career soared. Explored some new places. Lost few friends💔

But few things remained the same, like my husband’s zero interest in home. Not that he is cheating, he is like this! My baking ❤❤❤ my urge to write! !! Even if it’s nonsense😂😂 My fitness regime💪 Pilate my new obsession and my 1st love: My Job. Oh man! I can’t explain how much I love it. I guess through my trouble times it kept me sane. It kept me going on. It is my Centre.

Well it’s not a new year or any where close to it; but I want change. So it begins. NOW!

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