Our politicians never fail to amaze me the poor citizen. Recently a clip about Fauzia Wahab’s comment that ‘There was no Constitution in his (Omar’s) time. Only, there was the Holy Quran” now that’s interesting. I will let her off the hook for her zero knowledge of Holy Quran, but as far as I remember from what I have read Hazrat Omar’s tenure is exalted as the golden period of Islam. He was second caliph, best known for his justice. Now I wonder which law she (Fauzia Wahab) was talking about?

Call me fundamentalist, if u may, but the more I read about the administration of Hazrat Omar more I crave for such rulers for my beloved country. Imagine Mr. Zardari going to court because some one has filed a case against him that he got unfair share from war-spoils. Well not only that case is registered against Mr. Zardari but the cherry on the top is that he actually go to court without escort to defend his case. Too much to swallow isn’t? I’m sure that all of us the Pakistani students must have read the episode where Hazrat Omar not only went to the court with his entourage, he asked the judge (who stood up out of respect) to remain seated as he is not caliph but an accuse. He was not only proved innocent but he forgave the other party. I heard someone repeatedly said Democracy is the best revenge!

Hazrat Omar (R.A) is known for his strict administration, so strict that the crime rate was nil. He was the founder of police for civil order. He used to keep close eye on his ministers to know if they are following his orders or not. it is said that if a crime is committed, the SHO of that area was hanged if he fails to produce the culprit after 24 hrs. Now we know that within 24hrs presidential pardon is awarded to the friend. Talk about justice talk about law. At least I would prefer to live during the lawless times of Omar rather under the current law and order that madam Fauzia refers to!

Hazrat Omar was the first one in the history to established a formal procedure for the accumulation of Zakat, and route for the first Welfare state. how much welfare we are getting from our state is the writing on the walls!

Imagine, Hazrat Omar(R.A) waged wars against people who refused to pay Zakat. Our dear government only knows one 3 letter word T.A.X! from income to luxury to utility do they even know what Zakat was all about? Do they know that there are other ways of making money other than minting money?? Any of our politicians are paying zakat let alone tax?

Hazrat Omar(R.A) was said to roam around at nights like an ordinary man to see the condition of his people, as he considered himself accountable. Can we imagine Fauzia Wahab to suffer the electricity breakdown for 16 hrs in this excruciating heat??  I really wonder if she even pays her utility bills.

Madam Fauzia would also like to know that in Sweden, which enjoys the lowest crime rate in the world, has a whole chapter in their law knows as Omar’s Law. But who care!

I can write on and on and on, but I guess Hazrat Omar’s persona doesn’t need any immunity. Madam Fauzia needs a break. Besides she doesn’t even know that our law is made under the guidance of Quran and Sunnah. I m speechless!